Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Social Network

Wifey and I sat down tonight to watch 'The Social Network'.  (For those that live under a rock: this is the movie about the birth of Facebook).  While we were both thoroughly entertained by the film, Ash found herself very turned off and appalled by Mark Zuckerberg.  Now I hear what you're saying: "Justin, that's Jesse Eisenberg playing Zuckerberg".  And I hear you.  Apparently she had preconceived opinions on Mr. Zuckerberg, based on  interviews that she has seen of him.  And given that movies are 100% accurate portrayals of real life, her opinion of the Zuck was reinforced.

I on the other hand am now a big Zuckerberg fan.  I don't know how much of the film was actually true, whether he stole the idea for Facebook or was a dick to his friend, but I will assume that Eisenberg got most of the mannerisms and methods of communication right.  Based on this, I like Zuckerberg for his single mindedness and his way of cutting through the bull shit when talking to others.  While it's not necessarily wise or socially acceptable to always speak your mind the way he does, I could definitely see the benefits.

The single mindedness is what really spoke to me, as I think the people who are truly happy in all aspects of their life have that 'Holy Grail' which fuels their passion.  Oh, I know what you're thinking, that people who are surrounded by loved ones and give and receive love are the ones that are truly happy.  And sure, those people (I of course am one of them) are happy.  But some of them also trudge off to a job that they at best tolerate.  So setting aside the family and loved ones argument, I'm talking about the Tao of Self.  What is that thing that, if you were to be pursuing it, would make you happy.  That trade/hobby/occupation that will lead you to self-enlightenment.  That is what Zuckerberg got right.  Even though he (based on the film) got most of the other stuff wrong.

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