Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Breathe

In...out...in...out. Breathing. A simple concept really, just not as easy for some of us. I've always seemed to lack patience when it comes to a variety of things: waiting, stupidity, ignorance, you name it. As time goes on, I continue to become more aware of just how much I'm lacking.

It's funny how good qualities in your significant other can highlight qualities that you yourself weren't blessed with. Justin is a pretty patient guy. I mean, if you Google the definition of patience....yeah yeah, his pic will be there. Don't get me wrong, Justin doesn't have patience for waiting, stupidity, or ignorance either...except when it comes to me.

He extends the utmost patience in regards to me. He will wait while I change clothes, 50 times, before we can leave the house...even when we're already late. When I make a mistake, he somehow finds a way to not lose his cool and inevitably finds a reason why it wasn't a mistake after all. When he can see I'm getting frustrated, he's always there to diffuse my hot-headedness. You see, when he breathes, I breathe.

Why is it that we often can't offer our significant others the same things they offer us? I often wonder this, particularly after one of my impatient "episodes". But the more I think about it, perhaps that's why we work. We each have different qualities that we bring to the table, many of which, the other one lacks. It keeps us balanced but also pushes us to grown as individuals and as a couple. I'm thankful for Justin and all that he has and does add to my life. I can only hope I'm doing the same for him, but as he frequently reminds me in his calm demeanor, "we're better together.